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Objectives and values

The Centro Nacional de Inteligencia (CNI) is the public institution responsible for providing the president of the Government and the Government of Spain with information, analyses, studies or proposals that allow for the prevention and avoidance of any danger, threat or aggression against the independence or territorial integrity of Spain, its national interests and the stability of its institutions and the rule of law.

The CNI integrates competences that in other countries are assigned to two or more Intelligence Services, allowing the coordination and exchange of Intelligence between complementary areas to be agile and complete, which helps to dispel uncertainties in an increasingly complex and globalised world.

The CNI achieves its missions by collecting information, in Spain and overseas, using its own means and procedures. The CNI is entrusted with the following functions:

  • To collect, assess and interpret information and disseminate the necessary Intelligence to protect and promote the interests of Spain.
  • To prevent, detect and provide for the neutralization of the activities of any foreign Service, group or person that endanger, threaten or attack the national interests.
  • To promote relations of cooperation and collaboration with other Intelligence Services.
  • To obtain, evaluate and interpret the traffic of strategic signals.
  • To coordinate the activities of the Government institutions that use cypher means or procedures, to guarantee the security of information technologies.
  • To monitor compliance with the regulations on the protection of classified information.
  • To guarantee the security and protection of its own facilities, information, material and personnel resources.

The CNI has a code of ethics that represents its long-standing commitment to the principles that inspire its actions and illustrates the aspiration for exemplarity in the behavior of its members.

Those who work at the CNI - in the strictest compliance with the Constitution and legislation - are fully committed to performing their assigned duties diligently and to being held accountable for complying with and respecting faithfully the principles set out in the code of ethics.

of ethics

The main reason behind the new edition of this publication is to provide society with greater knowledge of the National Intelligence Centre, coinciding with the twentieth anniversary of its foundation. This document sets out the basic principles that inspire the nature and modus operandi of the Spanish Intelligence Service, whose main mission is to serve Spain and its citizens, seeking to guarantee their security and the interests of the nation.

The values and principles that guide the behaviour of its members - including loyalty, discretion, a spirit of service and a sense of commitment- are those that define the raison d'être of the organisation. The anonymous work of all of them contributes to the goal of a freer and safer society that must know the CNI for what it is, what its mission is and how it is carried out.

We hope that this publication will bring the CNI closer to society, to which it dedicates all its efforts.

Our raison
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