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Work at the CNI

Not just a job: a lifestyle

The national and international situation Spain is confronting demands an effective, specialized and modern Intelligence service, able to prevent the threats against our country and to promote Spain´s interests abroad. Dynamism at the CNI is based on the team of professionals who work in the organization; individuals who, regardless of their background and training, share their determination to serve Spain. Professional career at the CNI is not only a job: it is rather a lifestyle. Motivation for protecting common interest always prevails over the personal aspirations of its members.

At the forefront of national security

Loyalty, discretion and spirit of sacrifice are the qualities required from all CNI members, who reflect the diverse reality of Spain. In turn, the CNI offers its members the chance of working at the forefront of national security, thus helping to shape the future, in an innovative environment in which the potential contribution of the individual to teamwork is appreciated and encouraged.

If you are concerned about the future of Spain and the international community, motivated by security, interested in getting to know other realities and interacting with other cultural environments, if you want to have a sense of belonging to an organization, the CNI will be able to channel your aspirations and offer you a professional career.

General requirements

In order to participate in a job application process for the Centro Nacional de Inteligencia, there are certain minimum eligibility requirements. The candidate must:

  • Hold Spanish nationality.
  • Be at least 18. Internal regulations will determine age limitation for each type of job.
  • Have the qualification required for the chosen job category.
  • Not have been dismissed from any civil service (autonomous, local…), nor disqualified from the exercise of public functions, nor deprived of the exercise of civil rights.
  • Not suffer from any illness or physical defect that incapacitates them to carry out the responsibilities of the job.
  • Have or be about to obtain the security clearance necessary for the job they are going to do.

If you do not meet the first requirement but you believe that you have special knowledge or skills that may be useful for the Centre, do not hesitate to send your CV so that we can take these skills into account. In the event that, once you have sent your CV, you wish to update it, you will be able to send a new application that will automatically replace the previous one.

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Enlace a la web del Ministerio de Defensa
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