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Controls of the CNI

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The CNI, like any State body, is subject to political and economic-administrative controls. The former is exercised by the Government, through the Delegate Commission for Intelligence Affairs, and the Congress of Deputies, within the framework of the Commission for the Control of Appropriations Earmarked for Reserved Expenditure; the latter is carried out by the Office of the Comptroller General of the State Administration, the Court of Auditors and the Congress.

In addition to these controls, the judicial control is key to the CNI's functioning and exceptional within the Administration. The existence of the Organic Law Regulating the Prior Judicial Control of the CNI and its strict application make it difficult to find a system that offers its citizens more guarantees that none of the activities carried out by their Intelligence Service are carried out outside the law.

Political control

Every year, the Government sets the objectives on which the CNI has to work. To this end, the Government Delegate Commission for Intelligence Affairs (CDGAI) proposes to the president of the Government the annual objectives of the CNI and includes them in the Intelligence Directive. It is also responsible for monitoring and carrying out a periodic evaluation of the development of the requirements set out in the Directive.

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