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Intelligence Academy

Training is the tool available to organisations to face the complexity and uncertainty of the 21st century. To this end, the CNI has an Intelligence Academy responsible for training all the members and providing them with appropriate knowledge in values, innovation and adaptation to change throughout their professional lives. We seek to train technically competent and ethically responsible professionals.

The Academy works along three main lines: Corporate Training, External Training and Innovation.

  • Corporate Training

    CNI has developed its own training system that complements and enhances the training and previous experience of its professionals.

    The teaching is configured as a modular and unitary system that guarantees the continuity of the educational process. CNI members receive training at the Centre and also in academic institutions of excellence to keep their knowledge up to date.

  • External Training

    The CNI collaborates with and provides intelligence training to public administrations, universities and educational institutions, both national and foreign.

    The Academy contributes to the dissemination of the work of the National Intelligence Centre. The CNI collaborates with foreign Intelligence Services in training matters, through student exchanges and the organisation of joint exercises and courses. It also promotes cultural and experience exchanges between services in order to transmit values and identify best practices.

  • Innovation

    The Academy, as any entity responsible for knowledge, includes among its functions the promotion and support of innovation and the conduct of research in the field of intelligence.

    It is, in turn, responsible for the transfer of the organisation's knowledge and for contributing to the constant improvement and application of best practices.