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Welcome to the CNI

Welcome to the Web site of the National Intelligence Centre (CNI) of Spain. This short English version intends to satisfy the curiosity of our visitors regarding the Spanish Intelligence Service, bearing in mind the legal restraints imposed by the nature of our Service.

The National Intelligence Centre (CNI) is the public institution responsible for providing the Prime Minister and the Government of Spain with information, analysis, studies or proposals that enable the prevention and avoidance of any danger, threat or aggression against the independence or territorial integrity of Spain, its national interests and the stability of its institutions and the rule of law.

Act 11/2002 of 6th May regulates the nature, goals, principles, structure, legal and administrative system of the Spanish National Intelligence Centre. Additionally, Organic Law 2/2002, also of 6th May, establishes a preliminary judicial control of its activities.

This Web site is open to ideas and suggestions that may help improve the National Intelligence Centre and its services to the Spanish democracy.

Welcome to the CNI

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