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The basic structure of the CNI is set out in Royal Decree 436/2002 of 10th May and Royal Decree 612/2006 of 19th May, fitting the purpose of higher efficiency in the exercise of the missions entrusted to it: a Directorship, a General Secretariat and three Directorates.

Directorship: the Director of the CNI shall have the rank of Secretary of State and shall be appointed by Royal Decree. The Secretary of State-Director shall perform the duties assigned by Sec. 9, Act 11/2002 and Sec. 2, Royal Decree 436/2002.

General Secretariat: the Secretary General shall have the rank of Under Secretary, and shall be appointed by Royal Decree. The Secretary General shall stand in for the Secretary of State-Director in case of absence, vacancy or illness of the latter. The Secretary General shall perform the duties assigned by Sec. 10, Act 11/2002 and Sec. 3, Royal Decree 436/2002.

Directorates: Three Directorates, whose heads shall have the rank of Director General, reporting directly to the Secretary General, pursuant to Order DEF/2962/2009, of 2nd November. They shall be appointed in accordance with Sec. 9.2.a), Act 11/2002 of 6th May.

The Director Generals shall be responsible for intelligence affairs, support to intelligence, and resources.

Bodies Supporting the Secretary of State - Director: the Offices of the Secretary of State-Director and the Legal Consultancy.

Bodies outside the CNI headquarters: the CNI is present in Spain and other countries where Spain has economic, political or security-related interests.

The activities of the CNI, as well as its organisation and internal structure, resources and procedures, personnel, facilities, data bases, sources of information, and the information or data that could lead to the knowledge of the matters above, are classified information marked TOP SECRET, in accordance with the legislation regulating official secrets and International Agreements (Sec. 5.1., Act 11/2002).

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