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Documentary Security

Information Security

Throughout its useful life, Classified Information is subject to different and successive handling processes, such as transport, storage, registration, custody, consultation, copying and destruction.

It is thus logical that, in each one of those processes, a series of regulations must be applied and a series of precautions are to be consideration to grant an homogeneous security level consistent with its classification level.

Central Registry

Body created in accordance with the Cabinet Agreement of 25 June 1982. Its task is to register, control and distribute Classified Information up to, and including, SECRET and TOP SECRET (or equivalent) entering or coming out of Spain belonging to NATO, EU, ESA and other Multinational Organizations or countries, with whom an Agreement for the Mutual Protection of Classified Information, in the framework of the NSO, has been reached.

Protection Infrastructure

In Spain there is a pyramidal structure for the protection of Classified Information.

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