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CIS Security

Classified Information stored, processed or transmitted (hereinafter on handled) by Communication and Information Systems (hereinafter on systems), must be protected against the loss -whether intentional o unintentional- of confidentiality, integrity and availability, and against the loss of integrity and availability of the Systems processing such information.

In order to achieve CIS appropriate protection, a series of balanced security measures of different nature must be applied (technical, physical, documentary and personnel-related measures) to provide the necessary safe and reliable conditions to handle Classified Information in those Systems.

It falls upon the National Security Authority (NSA), responsible for the protection of Classified Information in the fields under its remit, to determine the security measures to be implemented for the appropriate protection of the Classified Information handled in the corresponding Systems. Such measures will be translated into security requirements to be fulfilled by the Systems themselves, by the physical setting where they are in place, by the personnel with access to such Systems and by the associated document processing.

Likewise, it falls upon the Authority responsible for the protection of Classified Information to supervise the correct implementation of the required security measures. When appropriate, if the result of such supervision is satisfactory, the Authority will issue a Clearance certificate.

Such Authorization is the certification of the capability of a System to handle, with the appropriate protection, Classified Information from a certain owner and up to a specific classification level, under specific known conditions. Such Authorization will be granted based on verified conditions in the field of Systems Security, Personnel Security, Physical Security (security of the facilities) and Information Security (exclusively documentary in the case of Systems).

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