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How does the CNI work?

Under the direction of the Government, which sets out its information objectives on an annual Intelligence Directive, the CNI discharges its missions through the collection of information not found in traditional channels, both inside and outside Spain, using its own means and procedures.

Subsequently, this information is subject to a process of evaluation and analysis to determine whether it is reliable and of interest according to the objectives set by the Government. The resulting data are gathered and interpreted so that the final product may be useful for decision makers. The final product is known as Intelligence.

The information collected by the CNI and the subsequent analyses are submitted to the Prime Minister and the Ministers. The Ministries that usually receive the reports produced by the Service are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Co-operation, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of the Interior. The CNI also reports to other Departments within the State Administration.

When the Service collects information on any fact that could require immediate action or constitute a crime, it reports, depending on the nature of the issue, to either the Government - in order to support the decision-making process – or the Law Enforcement Agencies, which will take the relevant measures.

The members of the CNI are not considered law enforcement agents, with the exception of those whose professional activity is related to the protection of its personnel and facilities.

The CNI is a support body in the decision making process and its mission ends where that of other State bodies in charge of decision making starts. Therefore, the CNI shall not be held responsible for actions taken on the basis of its reports.

How does the CNI work?

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